Pearls: The Week in Brief, 23/06/10

A glacier. Image:

The BBC looks to answer the question on everybody’s lips: can painting a mountain restore a glacier?

Artists everywhere are closing their Macbooks and returning to the land. Find out why.

R.W. Johnson of the LRB pokes the hornet’s nest of ‘soccer colonialism’. And then pokes it again.

Sorry, but here’s another piece from the LRB, about General McChrystal’s extraordinary interview with Rolling Stone.

Lydia Davis is a name that British readers should learn to recognise. Her collected short stories are being published in August.

Rakesh Satyal, who is now my new hero, accepts a literary award and sings his acceptance speech in the style of Gaga.

All hail Geoffrey Hill, new professor of poetry at some shit university in the south of England.

Mmm. Aesthetic pleasure awaits as you scroll through the fifty best designed books of 2009.

Es muss sein! Und du musst The Unbearble Lightness of Being lesen.

Picked by Daniel Davies, with help from David Jackson and Luke Healey


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