Pearls: The Week in Brief, 30/06/10

Macau Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, by Carlos Marreiros Architects. Image:

With Shanghai 2010 in full flow, Douglas Murphy reflects on the history of Expos.

Asking politicians for their favourite reads as usual generates a lurid tableau of ambition, condescension and disingenuousness.

His stylish England strips fell short of delivering big results on the pitch, but give conceptual tailor-extraordinaire Aitor Throup some credit: he is capable of taking trousers in strange new directions.

A gorgeous photographic history of world cup balls courtesy of the New York Times and Jens Heilmann.

You may have heard the new government described as ‘that bloody coalition’. Well hopefully it’s not too bloody, or it might bleed to death on the next full moon.

Simon Jenkins knows nothing about science, and still calls it fit to burn at every opportunity. So a group of scientists decided to #spoofjenks on Monday.

Explanation for the above, complete with an aggregator of all the spoofs made so far.


Picked by Luke Healey and Mike Williamson

LATE ENTRY! – the Berlin Konzerthausorchestar demonstrate the musical potential of the vuvuzela


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