Pearls: The Week in Brief, 09/07/10

Adidas Jabulani. Image:

IT’S WORLD CUP FINAL TIME!!! Time to bury a few national sterotypes…

Having said that, here’s an article about Bullfighting.

With another Twilight film set to ‘eclipse’ the cultural radar for a few weeks, we can presumably expect no end of chin-stroking about the mythology of vampirism. Here’s the pick of the bunch.

What do you get when you mix print with sculpture? You get Marbled Reams, that’s what.

Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible’ spy tactics are now officially possible.

The strange tale of Peter Paul Biro, an enigmatic man with a remarkable name, capable of striking fear into the hearts of art conoisseurs the world over

…And now that you’ve read that, sit back and enjoy this superb stop-motion animation by BLU.

Finally, let’s hear it one last time for the Jabulani.

Picked by Shan Bertelli and Luke Healey, with help from Candice Jacobs


One response to “Pearls: The Week in Brief, 09/07/10

  1. A quick retort to the first blog entry listed. While it certainly, and rightly, challeges the national stereotypes that are often projected on to national teams, it uses some straight up weird logic to reaffirm some classed based ones.

    “A certain kind of middle class, thinking man’s fan will praise players for their intelligence and their artistry, particularly ones with a “cultured left foot”. While the person who wrote this may be reflecting on middle-class self-reflection, it characterises the classes in a very static fashion. Since when are working class fans incapable of appreciating cultured, clever football. It’s not as if, were you to visit the leafy suburbs of Surrey you would only see flair players like Messi, Ronaldo and Robinho on replica shirts, whereas in the cobbled streets of the industrial north, shirts would be graced by gritty, brave players like, say Delap, Neville or Terry.

    The idea that Arsene Wenger has kept his job is because middle-class admirers of pretty football are maintaining his position, is also patent bullshit. It is simply a fact that there are, obviously, many many working class fans of Arsenal, and while they may not have lifted the Premier League title in a while, they are part of the exclusive ‘Top Four’ (though surely to become five or six in coming seasons), regularly perform well in the Champions League, AND just so happen to usually play very attractive football.

    This blog entry is more like an old-fashioned stereotype of the classes, from the perspective of the middle class. While the reflection on international football is valid, it does not extend (or descend) to national level.

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