Pearls: The Week in Brief, 16/7/10

William Faulkner. Image:

William Faulkner’s lectures at UVA have been digitalized, and you’ll soon be able to hear them. Here are some samples to whet your appetite.

‘Things cannot go on as they are,’ so sayeth Slavoj Žižek. And who are we to argue?

We all know it happens, but still, it’s quite an eye-opener to have it demonstrated. Have a look to see a typical air-brushed image.

Trying to make it as a writer is disheartening at the best of times. However, solidarity is at hand as many writers (and actors etc.) share their stories of what they did before they ‘made it.’

Behold! The awesome power of the Brontësaurus.

Over at Granta, Patrick Ryan remembers his Dylan days.

I wonder what the staff at the Paris Review have been reading this week. Hmm.

Nick Clegg makes a fool of himself. For political balance, here’s a cat jumping into a box.

Picked by Daniel Davies, with a little help from his cat, Rose, who is a first-time contributor (long-time reader).


One response to “Pearls: The Week in Brief, 16/7/10

  1. Bit confused about the Nick Clegg one. People do realise that the government isn’t Lib Dem, right? That the govt is primarily in tory, and thus a very large % of policies will not be ones agreed with by the LDs, especially fundamental ones to do with the budget, that were never going to be compromised.

    All politicians break promises. I’m sure you’ll find countless examples of Labour’s broken promises over the last 3 terms (e.g. biggest rich-poor gap, extended under a ‘socialist’ party?) and i’ve no doubt the LDs will deceitfully break promises at times. But surely people realise it is actually inevitable, when they’re not controlling the government.

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