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The Oyster’s Earrings is a collaborative blog for cultural criticism, started out of Edinburgh University on Blogger in March 2009. The original site can be found here. Having grown in stature throughout 2010 & 2011, the site took a hiatus in 2012. It is set to be re-booted in a slightly re-jigged format in 2013, and is now based in Manchester.

“…We also went over what the blog actually IS, what it stands for, because I think it’s important to define. For me, it’s always been somewhere to make observations on stuff I’m not necessarily qualified to discuss in massive depth. Somewhere where I can acknowledge the limitations of my relationship to the ideas I’m discussing on, but play with the ideas all the same. Play should be a watchword. Academics – this could be a nice release from the pressures of having to make one argument water-tight over and over again. You can be eclectic and reach out of your comfort zone. Or just write about your thesis, but using slang and limited punctuation!…” – Luke Healey (founder, editor & contributor)

The blog is also open to lapsed academics, would-be academics, and everybody else. For more information or to suggest a feature e-mail Luke at laphealey@gmail.com

Graphics: Matt Slade


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