A Quick Communiqué on the Future of the Oyster’s Earrings

Hello all,

I was recently invited to a book launch commemorating the anniversary of Craig Coulthard’s Forest Pitch, which I wrote about here back in April 2010. The essay I wrote for this book was my first exercise as a professional writer (I had to get a tax payer number and everything), and I’m pretty down in the dumps about the fact that I’m probably not going to make it to the launch. This has given me pause for thought: if I don’t write, I’m not going to be invited to any book launches. And I want to go to book launches. My productivity on this site has waxed and waned over the three years it’s been in operation, and the “re-launch” I had in mind this Spring didn’t pan out as smoothly as I had projected. Recurring features like “Pearls” and “Something I’m Not Working On” seemed like good ideas at the time, but eventually dried up. So it might be time to return to basics: regular, short-to-medium posts with no themes and no formats. This is how the Oyster’s Earrings returns: not as an over-ambitious collaborative monthly e-zine but as the simplest way for me to engage with cultural objects and producers, and to get my writing out into the world. Not that I want to kill off the “collaborative” aspect in its entirety: I will still welcome ideas for articles, so feel free to get in touch.

Now please sit tight while I work on getting two articles ready to publish: one on pitch-shifted vocals and alter-egoism in 21st-century rap, the other on taste as a vector for ideas.




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